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PT. SHOILAN GLOBAL INDONESIA is a company that trades coconut products like Desiccated Coconut, RBD Coconut Oil, and Virgin Coconut Oil that have been coordinated with national and international standards of quality. To sell the best coconut product, we keep the quality of the product as our main capital to customers. Our mission is to provide a high-quality product that is taken from coconut products to customers with quick response, the best quality, and excellent service in the whole world in a simultaneous way and economically so that it ensures and fulfills the needs of national and international markets.

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The Coconut has been life-tree because its parts can be used for human life, the things that can be usefull for the people were coconut cooking oil, virgin coconut oil, crude coconut oil and desiccated coconut. In Indonesia, the coconut, its so important plantation product because it has supported millions of people to have better life and increased the country to reach the most well-being country.

Coconut is a social and economic commodity, so if there is a change in the price of this commodity, it will directly affect the life level and livelihood of the farmer..